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The Birth of a Dream

So, where did it all begin? 

So I was just sitting here one night when my sister in law came by with a box of wine glasses that were left over from an event. I thought they were very pretty glasses at first. I happened to be on a local Facebook page talking about things they loved about our town, you know local restaurants, parks, beaches, etc. I then realized that I had a photo of the "Sad Tree" of Oyster Bay. I started thinking about that photo, and started playing around with it in my photo editor. At that point I thought, Hey! This would look awesome on glass! I created a stencil and etched the 6 glasses that I had available. I thought that they were awesome and decided to post the 6 glasses for sale on Facebook. Well, overnight the amount of interest yielded 42 orders for just 1 glass! It was then that I realized that people wanted to have a piece of their town to be with them. I started thinking about custom pieces, things that people felt a close connection to. On and on the custom pieces came into my inbox. The thing that is so great about that is that I get a special connection with each piece that is created. Many have stories behind them, which makes the time that I spend more memorable. If there is something that can recapture a special moment in your life, please, please tell me and I will make it come to life in a one of a kind work of art.

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